• Name: Lolita Aldea
  • Birth Date: October 18th 1982
  • Hometown: Granada (Spain)
  • Studies: Fine Arts Graduated student in Granada University.
  • Work: Comic artist and Freelance Ilustrator
  • Tools: Cintiq 12WX, Mangastudio 5EX, Photoshop CS5, Watercolours.
  • Clients: Amigo Comics, Norma Editorial, Harper Collins Publishers, Ediciones Babylon, UNESCO, Monsa Publications, Asociación de la Prensa de Jaen...
  • Bio:
    Born in a little Spanish town in the North of Africa, she had a nice childhood and youth in the lovely city of Granada, where she found my passion for comics with mangas like Kenshin and Slayers. It was when she knew she wanted to become a comic artist. she has a Master's Degree in Fine Arts and she tried to break in drawing her own scripts, winning some awards in the way, with her book El Hogar de los Juguetes Rotos (House of the Broken Toys). She also participated in some how-to-draw-manga manuals like Shonen Manga: Action-Packed, published by Harper Collins. In 2012 Norma Editorial, one of the most important publishing houses in Spain, published her book El Síndrome del Hilo Enredado (The Knotted Thread Syndrome), and right now she's working in Amigo Comics.
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